Our Services

911 Fintech Solutions empowers financial institutions to help deliver speed-to-market capabilities for managing chargebacks and related activities.

Why partner with our team?

Fi911 provide partnership in payments industry and are invested in helping transform our clients business – seamless, faster and cheaper. Fi911 takes a creative approach to solve the biggest challenges, and complexities that comes with payments industry. We have specialized knowledge on people, process, and technology ensuring our clients get the best of Fi911.

Our methodology

Leverage the experience of our domain driven professional services consultants and our proven implementation methodology.


Determine use cases, user stories, explore high level solutions, business analysis, requirements gathering, API integrations all during the Access phase. Gain confidence for our clients to move forward with choosing the right product and solutions.

Key Activities

  • Concepts
  • Experiments
  • Feasibility


Develop a detailed architecture design, scoped to implement the solution, get approvals from product and architecture review boards, and execute on a detail project plan using Smartsheets, JIRA and several other tools.

Key Activities

  • Detailed Design
  • Implementation Plan


Perform SCRUM/Agile methodologies for development using experienced architects, UI/UX designers, developers and QA team members for client delivery. Execute on the detail design and planning documents created during the planning phase and plan a CI/CD pipeline based deployment for sandbox, preprod and production.

Key Activities

  • Execution
  • Migration
  • Expansion


Look for ways to establish operational best practices. In the steady state, look for opportunities to enhance existing processes and technologies.

Key Activities

  • Operations
  • Reviews
  • Enchancement