Training & Support

More efficient case handling though our
customized chargeback coaching and assistance.

To resolve cases and reclaim revenue, your staff needs the most the most accurate, most current dispute regulations.

We know how important it is for your staff to understand all chargeback rules and processes. That’s why we emphasize knowledge across the board, from learning how to identify where customer disputes start, to arbitration and all other chargeback-related activities.

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Our services provide unrivaled advantages:

Experts with more than 165 collective years of experience in the payments industry provide up-to-date chargeback rule training.

Correct application of chargeback rules puts an end to unnecessary scheme fines/penalties.

Section 75 training available and delivered by industry-leading experts.

Gain better customer satisfaction, loyalty, and brand recognition with efficient case handling.

Complete competence in resolving chargeback cases.

Exclusive on-demand and easy-to-use chargeback rule library.